We’re all about seeing people smile! 😊 Our company was born out of wanting to make people feel happy by taking their precious moments and turning them into never-to-be-forgotten memories. Monumental events – a child’s first steps, a homecoming dance, or a great gathering of family – shouldn’t live on a cell phone or in a photo album where they’re rarely seen. Those memories should be brought to life. Our goal is to take your treasured photographs and put them on beautiful products so you’re always surrounded by what brings you joy.

When we started in sunny ☀️ San Diego back in 2007, we called ourselves Picture It On Canvas. We’ve come to realize that the emphasis shouldn’t be on canvas; it’s more than that. It’s about the amazing photos you’ve taken and what they represent. Fast forward to 2019 — we’ve renamed ourselves so it’s about your pictures and depicting your well-lived life. Welcome to PICTI.

Go out there, love ❤️, travel, learn, have enriching experiences and know that PICTI is here waiting to take those moments and turn them into the best memories ever. 📸